Imagine, just imagine…


Imagine, Just Imagine…

July 7, 2021, 21:42


Imagine, just imagine

magnificence of Love,

when butterfly created,

all the way from above!


In wonder stunned, imagine,

the marvel He’d deploy,

just to delight His children,

just to bring children Joy!


Have you watched, one bright morning,

graceful white being fly,

while you stunned, in wonder,

overwhelmed, melt and cry?…


It’s enchanting all flowers,

gently kisses all trees,

and delights all His children,

in the sweet morning breeze…


How much Love, do you reckon,

can the Father of Love,

put in that graceful being,

all the way from above?


How will your heart, delighted,

melt in beauty and Joy,

grasp magnificence, fully,

of the Father’s deploy?


How you cried, that bright morning,

having grasped, from above,

butterflies sweet, created

for His children, in Love!…


What a wonder of wonders!…

Butterfly of His Love,

just delighting His children,

all the way from above…




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