To the gulag of serfs


To The Gulag Of Serfs

Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, 00:44


To the Gulag of serfs,

to the multitudes muzzled,

to all slaves walking numb on this Earth,


To those knowing no rest,

for the children cry home,

all hard working true slaves from their birth…


For you, whose tears dried,

and your dignity lost,

for you bent all your life, head and thought,


To the ones who won’t care,

but stab you in your back,

whose the shameless oppression you bought…


Oh!…My brothers in Gulag,

docile bending your head

to these abject and horrible monsters,


How could I, show you how

you put your precious lives

in the claws of ungodly snakes fraudsters?


How could I wake you up,

when the trumpets all blow,

call on you to take heart, lift head bent,


For all Gulags close now,

and your precious lives saved,

for God’s Love to all dark put an end!




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