You don’t even know you fight your last battle


You Don’t Even Know You Fight Your Last Battle


You don’t even know you fight your last battle!

How many Galaxis are fighting with you?

There were dragons and snakes, battling legions of Angels,

all these Eons, as Time by you flew…


Would you have an idea, how you hang on a thread

of fine silk of a butterfly finest,

and in heavy your weight, and your value, and worth

are you held by sweet God in the Highest…


Try to fathom this wondrous, miraculous wonder,

that the Plan for Salvation is you!!!

That your eons of suffering, as slave, in this prison,

God, your Father, before you all knew…


In Truth, carry you shackles, heavy yoke like a cattle,

dark abusers slaved you and your Earth…

Your Divine Light usurp it, your Divine Power suck it,

and your holy blood drink from your birth…


This is how Universes battle now final battle,

to save Father’s loved child, by His Will.

You should know and be vigil, take your Light Sword and slash!!!

For the Time came, the dark pay the bill!




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