There are thousands


There Are Thousands

March 11, 2021, 11:44


There are thousands of battles,

there are thousands of wars,

there are Warriors and Heroes

fighting now in the stars!…


There are thousands of conflicts

against Peace and Love, still,

against God’s Life harmonious

and His sweet Divine Will…


There are Legions of Angels,

great Archangels of Light,

Father sent liberate us,

children His, in His Might!


That’s a pale, poor mirror,

our struggles on Earth,

in this End of Times, cruel

war for our Rebirth!


We were tricked, we were sold!…

Energy for the dark.

Flesh and blood, our children,

mocked, debased our Spark!…


Be strong if you are here!

We all came to save Earth!

Divine Sparks of the Father,

Suns we turn, through Rebirth!




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