The logic of Love


The Logic Of Love

Sunday, March 7, 2021, 19:19


The logic of Love is ‘I Love You!’

I see you and see I as one.

No possible difference between.

I see Love as the best Joy and fun!


I see you and see I in the mirror.

We exude the same Light, so Divine!

I Love you as I Love me, and can’t see,

any difference, being thine Light or mine!


When you laugh, is my heart that is laughing!

In your smile, I smile me to my ears!

In my Love I feel safe, I feel comfort,

for in His arms I never know fears!


I can’t judge you, for that means me judging!

I see you as a Marvel of Light.

I behold you through Love eyes of Father,

and see you, I, as sparkling stars bright!


Oh, what Beauty I see in your presence!

How perfect you are, all of Love!…

All the logic of Love is so simple:

We Are All Just His Love From Above!




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