How do you tell your child?


How Do You Tell Your Child?


How do you tell your child he is a slave?

When all his life you see him as a wonder,

when you devote all life to bring him Joy?

Where is your courage, now, to call the blunder?


He is the mighty passion of your heart!

The Light of all the stars in sky above!

How then, Oh, how, you’ll tell him he’s a slave,

when this your child IS the son of Love?


The world is glowing when they glide to Earth!

The Angels Heavens fill and dance in ring!

Your child has all the rights to celebrate,

his whole life, and dance in Joy and sing!…


He loves the Sun and butterflies and flowers.

He loves with other children laugh and play.

With broken heart you cry and pull your hair,

to tell him Truth – that we are led astray!


He wants to laugh; it is his right in laughing!

In happiness you taught him from his birth!

How then, Oh, how, you’ll shock him, when you’ll utter,

the monsters dark enslaved us all on Earth?


Don’t cry!…The Love Supreme reigns all Creation.

Don’t cry!…Hold up your head, get up and stand!

There is a God of Love! He sent all children

to Bless and Liberate all sky and land!




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