My brother’s Hope


My Brother’s Hope

February 25, 2021, 13:33


And when my brother’s last hope is extinguished,

when butterflies are gone and fly no more,

when nightingales are heard no more in singing,

and nature has just wind and cold in store…


When I so long for Joy and laugh and ringing

with children all, in Happiness and Light,

but we, instead, hang all indoors and murmur

the pain, we feel is reigning wide and bright…


Too sad. Too sad, how dazed we draw in circles,

trying to chase our hope, our hope and dream,

to Heavens calling, bitter tears crying,

when souls in silence for God’s Grace all scream…


Oh, STOP the madness! Stop the darkness yoke!

We gain our children back, in Joy, and play!

We shout to Heavens our Joy and Hope,

for here we came, in Joy and Hope to stay!




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