For all Earth is at stake!


For All Earth is at stake!


For all Earth is at stake! You maybe missed it!

I cannot say you won, if that is so.

Two thousand years long, trumpets were sounding,

to sharpen ears, eyes, and Truth to know!


A Mighty Day, this day, in this New Year!

Two thousand years long waited to come.

For us to move away from dark and darkness,

in shock and awe the multitudes to stun.


Your DNA were slashed before your birthing.

A working ochs and sheep you meant to be.

Oh, No!…your Father didn’t mean you chattel!

His Divine Love created you all Free!


From beyond Stars, beyond His Universes,

Immature, dark creatures saw your earth.

Invaded, raped and killed her pristine beings,

in cruel slaughter tampered with your birth!


This day you’ll hear the Truth of your enslavement.

Earth was a Prison Planet for your race.

Your mind controlled, your thinking all dumbed down,

in shackles kept, from Father’s Love and Grace!



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