And all those infinite…


And All Those Infinite…

Sunday, January 3, 2021, 12:00


And all those infinite flying crystals,

all transmuted in Love by My Hand,

in the millions of unique creations,

as a Blessing from your Father friend…


If you were to observe those ice crystals,

hover gently on your wonder Earth,

when, oh, when will you finally grasp it,

my Love Blessings for your New Rebirth?


I send you my sweet birds in the Summer,

to enchant you with their sweet song,

and my butterflies, dancing gently,

in this Blessed world, you nicely belong…


Gentle rain I do send you in your Spring,

for the fruit of the Earth all to grow,

for My children be well and live healthy,

and abundance in your arms to flow…


In the Winter, My Love sends you crystals,

light and white, none of them like the rest,

for your eyes, in the Joy and the Beauty

of your Wonderful World, lovely Blessed…


See? It’s all an explosion of Beauty!

In each snow flake a sweet kiss from Me!

For in My Love Divine do I hold you,

free to hover, in your Blessed World of Free!


How many millions of kisses you need still,

to remember your Father above,

and in all butterflies and all crystals,

see His Wondrous and Infinite Love?


For I lifted your World in Dimensions!

My New Sun fills with Life your new floor!

And the Gold of My Love fills your hearts now,

this New Era of Gold, Éon d’Or!




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