See the Galaxies dance?


See The Galaxies Dance?


See the Galaxies dance?

Universes all ring,

swirling Systems and Clusters,

as all Angels great sing?


Or, you thought, He will let you,

in the butchers dark knives,

suck your blood and your life force,

by their kraken, all lives?


You thought, Father will let you,

by the monsters abused,

in their orgies, death rituals,

while all kings watched amused?


See? The Trumpets are sounding!

Shattered is every cell!

And all Worlds mightly tremor,

when Creation rings bell!


For the dark era ended!

Fallen is Father’s Sword!

There is no Wonder greater,

than the Father’s great Word!


Battles For Earth - Black Octopus Space Virus
black octopus / Battles for the Earth


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