Chopin: La Valse nr. 7


Chopin : La Valse Nr. 7

November 24, 2020, 17:17


Yes! I knew it forever:

You are sending Your Love

in the musicians’ feather,

from You, so far above!


I will keep it a secret,

for no one would just know,

my Father has born me

in the Walzer to grow!


I will keep it a secret,

for no one would believe,

He born me in a Walzer,

me, His High Gifts to give…


For my Father’s The Master,

in His Love Infinite,

so no one will think, ever,

He danced my Light in it!


Into His wondrous Spheres,

in the warmth of His arm,

in the Valse nr. 7,

above all feel and charm…


No one ever will fathom,

in the Harmonic Heaven,

Father danced me to Light

in the Valse nr. 7!


In His Walz He invites me,

in His Wonder of Worlds,

in His Music of Spheres,

free from all human bonds…


So I’ll keep it a secret,

just between me and Him,

for enchantment, eternal,

in His Love to His Kin…


O, my Father, great Wonder!

Who would ever believe,

He’ll lift me in a Walzer,

unattained Joy to live?


All my body’s vibrating,

trepidant dance my cells,

in the Valse nr. 7,

joyful sounding all bells…


It is Father, the Greatest,

Wonder Master of all,

fascinating His dancer

in magnificent role…


Is the Highest Musician,

One Maestro of Heaven,

dancing me Universes

in the Valse nr. 7!


O, the Wonder of Wonders!

Who would ever have thought,

Father would dance, and leaping

me, in His High realms brought?


O, you Worlds of Creation!

In the future you’ll see,

Father dancing His Children,

in His Music Be Free!


Break away from your prisons!

Break away from your cage!

For His Heavens resound!

Father born New Joy Age!


For all darkness is conquered!

Celebrate Light and see!

He lifts all His Harmonics

in New Joy Age to BE!


He born New Freedom’s Music,

for His loved children BE,

new reborn in His dancing,

Universes of Free!


For in His Wars of Eons,

in His Music of Spheres,

hear His Angels, fierce

shaking lances and spears!


That is why Universes

dance, exploding in glee!

For His Plan is completed,

and His Children are FREE!


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