The Righteousness Scales


The Righteousness Scales

October 31, 2020, 17:17


See, the Righteousness Scales

are now called into actions,

as the time for the Judgement is he!


Slavement epoch extinguished,

as Creator has ordered,

that His children and Earth shall be free!


See, the Judgement is nothing,

but the Infinite longing

of a Father to His most loved sons,


So, release all the fears,

you, the tortured and trodden,

for the Great Liberation now comes!


On the scales, your soul

will weigh well your performance,

if been good, dignifying to all,


Or if wicked, deceiving,

disregarding Creation,

plotting hidden, the Judgement to stall.


By no means can you hide now.

By no means can you lie!

Righteousness Scales go in action for all!


Should have known it for long,

God will save His loved sons,

and brings FREEDOM to Tiny Dot Ball!


Quellbild anzeigen



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