In His Fatherly Love


In His Fatherly Love


In His Fatherly Love

was He wiping my tears.

For they flew, and they flew,

in this dark world of fears…


Late it was, in the night,

felt His warmth all around,

as He held in His arms

lion small, on Earth ground…


Told Him, we are all finished.

We can endure no more.

Listened all, no end patience,

understanding galore…


Could not stop, for in eons

tears mounted a sea…

But His warmth brought me healing,

Mighty Love brought me glee…


In His Fatherly LOVE

was He wiping my tears…

Then He gave me a kiss,

to small lion in fear…


Seven days, He just said…

And I knew…The good Father

never lets His Kin drown,

but lifts us all from water…



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