October 28, 2020, 13:13


And so, will be Altea,

the Atlantean Head,

who just crossed through Sun Portal

to reach ancient seabed.


From the Elders, in Highest,

the Elect Twenty Four,

he will join Christ Michael,

Sovereign, at Gate Tor!


They return to origins.

Have been here long ago.

Before dark ones, in madness,

sank their world with a blow.


They return, all in tears,

the Creation’s blessed Seeds,

put an end to dark ages,

birth new, glorious deeds!


They will make an announcement.

Our Jesus, the Christ

Join his Divine Brothers,

to blow Change, with a blast!


Seven days, said the Father.

We live the Times of Times.

Celebrations are sounding!

FREEDOM is Highest Prize!


Quellbild anzeigen



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