The Art of Word


The Art Of Word

October 16, 2020, 21:21


The Art of Word: what a magician tool!

Philosophers and ancient sages fought

to find essential Truth, in essence cut,

express, essentially, the core of thought!


It takes a life, or maybe thousand more,

explore the spiral down to the deep

attainable, that word, in fullness, one,

in dreams so hidden, hidden deep in sleep…


One word it is: a diamond, in the deepest

abyss of earth, dimensions, galaxies,

replenishing your hopes, your all ideals,

in travel yours, your crossing worlds and seas…


You have arrived: in tiredness you melting.

In rags, you fall, accomplished in your heart,

you realise, the only Word to find

was He, the Essence, and Eternal Art…



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