The Victors are here!


The Victors Are Here!


The Victors are here! They fill all the space!

Get up, if you sleep still, it’s Time!

It’s Time, see all children of Father Almighty,

were saved from the monstruous crime!


He sent us in droves, all the strong and the mighty,

His Sons and His Masters, all came.

His Angels, Archangels, sustained by His Power,

His Warriors from old, ancient fame!


Don’t sleep all too long! Do not miss it!

Remember your courage and poise!

Momentum is now! Let go fears

of all dark maneuvers and noise!


You are most beloved, you, His children!

Rejoice and look up to the Sun!

Your millions of brothers are there,

in Freedom to welcome all man!


The Victors are here! Awaken!

The Victors are we, in His Name!

It’s Time to explode and by joyful,

we Warriors of old, ancient fame!





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