That Wondrous Hawk


That Wondrous Hawk

September 22, 2020, 9:36


That wondrous hawk, my brother!

He woke me from my sleep!

Majestic, on the chimney,

he called without a beep.


It’s Equinox. The Records

hold all their pens prepared,

this special day, scribe down,

how old Mankind fared!


In silence stands. Majestic,

this conquerer of skies.

It looks at me, all quiet,

with his big, wondrous eyes.


It’s the first time, this marvel

Messenger of the Heights,

in dignified presence

signals the end of fights!


For Sun has crossed horizon.

The special day has come.

A New and fresh, transmuted,

Mankind shall become.


A Mighty Day. So special,

the hawks arrive in flight,

to chase away tenebrous

and much too long a night.


Greet you, my wondrous brother!

The day is here to stay.

I see the Portals open

to Freedom, all the way!


I thank you, wondrous falcon!

To wake me from my sleep.

Messenger through the ages,

of strength and faith to keep.


He flew… a Flyer Master!

With graceful, mighty wings!

A New Epoch he’s bringing,

from Heaven’s Cosmic winds…


Bussard, Vogel, Beute, Raptor, Raubtier



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