Come with me


Come With Me


Come with me to the wondrous

Source of Life, come with me!

Come with me to the marvel

of all Being and Be!


Give me your hand, my brother,

if you’re weak, I will hold

thee, to Source of all wonders,

as all ages were told…


In this thyranosaurus

world, a ferocious place,

born were you to be eaten,

knew, your struggle, no grace…


Yes, your genes put asunder.

Butchered 12 Divine strands,

to 2 only, like wild

beasts in jungles big gangs…


Gentle will I now show you,

your origin, on High.

In His arms you’ll be healing,

kept away from all lie…


Tears of Joy He’ll spend, plenty,

in compassionate glee.

In Divine Love Eternal,

born anew you will be…


Stunned you’ll be, to see Father,

His beloved son embrace,

as in your deep hypnosis,

all at once you’ll see Grace!


Lost in eons of slavery,

scramble you’ll grasp to feel,

how you lost just your Father,

forced to serve and to kneel!


Shall I help you remember,

of His longing for you,

how He waiting, for eons,

you see, finally, through?


Shall I tell of His sufferance,

at your pain and your cry,

when your monsters and raptors,

gruesome wars sent you die?


Do, remember, my brother.

It is Him you’ll need see.

Recognize you in Father,

holy son, loved and free.



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