God’s Unprecedented Gift


God’s Unprecedented Gift


Saint Germain Message for FREEDOMsRAY                      

July 3-6, 2015


Agreements of several communities 
can form, by assent, 
into a federation.
The strength and ethical validity 
of a federation 
have roots 
in sound reasoning, i.e. philosophy, 
and in non-denominational Spirit, 
e.g. Spirit of Truth.

The endurance of a federation 

depends upon 
the practicing ethics and morality of its members, 
by honesty (including barter), 
freedom of choice 
and sensible liberty (do no outward harm).

Federations range in size 
from nation states 
to the smallest of clubs.

Federations of community agreements 
are springing anew.
Old federations and large federations 
such as nation states 
their rules and interpretations 
to higher statures 
of fairness and justice.

What can be recognized 
is God’s gift 
of the mechanism and technique 
the original United States Constitution, 

the unprecedented, 

document of liberty 
in the history of humankind; 

of its entire assembly of Framers 
the commonly known Founding Fathers; 

of the integrity of said assembly, 

spawned by a large enough quorum 
of American colonial clear hearts; 

of their rules of order; 

of their classical education; 

of their presentation of a document, 

not set as law, 
but to be ratified into law 
by We the People.

The movement of Men 
behind the US Constitution 

is God’s unprecedented gift, 

made possible by humankind itself.


They have done it!

Sanctus Germanus


In the eight decades since it was completed, Mount Rushmore has never been without controversy, over the figures it depicts, its primary sculptor and the land it towers over.

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