Mother Nebadonia


Mother Nebadonia Message for FREEDOMsRAY
February 15, 2015

​Mother of Nebadon. 

My essence pervades 
all Nebadon’s space, 
that clearly defines 
your Local Universe borders. 

My essence permeates all life and matter.

I AM your Mother of Creation, 
always present, 
yet bound by cosmic law, 
to honor freedom of choice 
in beings of consciousness 
throughout Our Universe.

Former times have witnessed 
placed by children and non-children of Mine 
upon other children of Mine 
who have elected to experience 
a prison planet; 

and upon some 
who have additionally come 
to assist in upliftment of humankind 
with words/prayers of encouragement 
and enactment 
of deeds dedicated toward 
all souls’ self-knowing.
End times are here, 
and mark great celebration by Hosts 
who both witness and assist 
in an unprecedented Victory for all the Creation 
in and about tiny Gaia 
and many of her inhabitants.

The transition 
to higher levels of Ascension 
is soon achieved
by unexpected numbers of humankind 
(even so, relatively small). 

Imminent is 
the Event for your space-time, 
to blink through non-time, 
the first of several Grand Events.

to you whom We hold so Dear in Mercy’s embrace,


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