Send me to Florence


Send Me To Florence


Send me loving to Florence, my Father.

Want to honour, in You, my new robe.

Want to honour Your Love in my presence,

on New Tiny Dot Gaia adobe.


Send me smiling to Florence, my Father,

where dulcissimi Fiore all sing,

in light Fiorentissimi music,

sweetly laughing and dancing in wind…


Leonardo was walking that ground.

Michelangelo marveled grand Dome.

Raphael also, painting his genius,

and musicians vibrating in stone…


Want to honour Your so loving Presence.

Born anew, to take wing for a flight!

To stand tall in Your Love and Your Wonder,

donned with shiny new cloths of Your Light!


Majesty of Your Being, to honour!

Start anew in Your pure delight.

In the silk of Your butterflies hover,

an Allemande to dance in my flight!


There is joy, there is marvelous laughter!

All exploding, the hearts now revive.

In Your ocean of Love will I swimming,

in new robe from Your Heavens I’ll dive…


There is happiness on our New Gaia!

Celebrate her, I wish: she is Free!

Send me loving to Florence, my Father,

Your sweet Greatness to honour, and Be!


/ Send me loving to Florence, my Father,

and please, please, please, DO FLY WITH ME! /


Florenz, Tuscany, Reisen, Panorama, Italien


Europa, Italien, Florenz, Firenze, Italienisch, Reisen



Florenz, Italien, Kirche, Toskana, Panorama, Türme


Quellbild anzeigen


Dom, Florenz, Kuppel, Italien, Kirche, Außerhalb
Florenz, Skyline, Sonnenuntergang, Stadtbild, Tuscany
Kuppel, Italia, Kirche, Renaissance, Dom, Florenz

Quellbild anzeigen



David, Miguel Angel, Italien, Florenz, Statue


Quellbild anzeigen

Tutti Frutti da Mauro Fiorentino


Restaurant Auf Dem Dach, Florenz, Dachterrasse, Italien

Piccola Taverna Fiorentina
Straßenmusikanten, Straßenmusik, Italien, Florenz
Angeli musicanti Fiorentini


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