June 1st, 2020, 11:22


It won’t come from alone.

We have to fight for it.

To conquer we came here.

Never or Now —  so be it.


It is the Fight of Eons.

The choice of endless age.

Stand strong, for never ever

again, you’ll sit in cage!


Your ears sharpen! Hear

the Trumpet call to fight!

Sharpen your eyes: distinguish

false brother from the right!


Keep your strength! Keep your power!

The saviour is you.

He sent us all His Angels,

here His Celestial crew.


One life in One, the Father!

Conquerers we came to be.

Arm in arm, as one brother,

pledged have we, to be Free!


Forever shall we banish

all inhumane dark crime!

Keep this one Moment sacred,

decisive Point in Time.


For this one Life is Holy.

In Him we celebrate

unprecedented Victors,

of Glorious New Earth fate!


Twitter würde Donald Trumps Account notfalls sperren - auch Snapchat hat genug



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