Humans say NO to darkness


Humans Say NO to Darkness


Humans say NO to darkness.

Think you dream? You are not!

Truth explodes! Huge tsunamis

spill from all hottest spot!


A handful of God’s children.

You have muzzled to slaves.

You have killed our strongest.

You have slaughtered our brave.


Ages long been we tortured.

Fought your wars to the death.

For you bankers, get richer,

with each death and each breath.


Our children, you cut them!!!

Drunk their blood, to get young!!!

Plundered life, plundered riches,

whole planet you plund!


How genocided the Irish?

How Natives, Africans maimed?

How all Russians, all Germans,

monstrously killed and enslaved?


How Armenians slaughtered?

Alexandria sunk?

Holy books burnt to ashes,

that Truth never debunk?


All your castles hide dungeons

for your sacrifice rites.

Underground, deep tunnels,

your blood labs hottest sites!


How, in eons, our screaming

have not heard, even once?

How, you soulless monsters,

still hope keep us in trance?


Humans say NO to darkness.

To your death cult say NO!

Far too long have you trodden

Cosmic Order, full blow!


Father says NO to darkness.

Much too far have you gone.

To His Love, Cosmic Order,

monstrous answers you’ve done.


Your time came. No escaping.

You dissolve in thin air.

Father’s Sacred Creation

is all perfect and fair.





Dark to Light.
James Woods
The insurrection will be pulverized, the ashes of traitors scattered in the wind. #PresidentTrump2020



June 2, 2020


Q Army STORM-trooper

The last several days of ANTIFA attacks against the White House and other targets in Washington DC…
Photo of military police standing on the steps of the Lincoln memorial 



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