For to complete

  For To Complete   For to complete heroic deeds, you only need to Be, and His Desire joyful fill, in Him, Who sent you he…   A wondrous world we came to save, where Truth is hardest gold. For it was twisted, it was turned, and hidden thousandfold!   A Warrior you need to […]

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After the longest while

  After the Longest While   After the longest while, even a Cosmic Cycle finds a Cosmic End.   All is sculptured by Father, eons flow all in circle, and all in His Hand bend.   Do not try to compare His Might, chop it to pieces, label it in your drawers.   For He […]

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Victory Day

  Victory Day May 8/9, 1945   Berlin 1945 . . . But how many know the number of Soviet citizens –civilians and soldiers– killed in ‘The Great Patriotic War’?  27 million. That’s right, 27 MILLION. Woman weeping on the ruins of her native village burnt by the Nazis in the second world war . […]

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A poem for my Father

  A Poem for My Father May 25, 2015 . The Great Silence   In Your sweet arms was I the whole night. Immersed was I in Your eternal LOVE. Noon was it, late, when returned, I believe. Ocean of Joy – why would I ever leave? . . .

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Universal Father

  Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY May 23, 2015 . Mine Own, All Mine Own, .   There comes a time  when Silence  pervades twisted grid constructs,  perditious machinations  and institutes of wickedness  unsightly to Mine Eyes.  .   Thereby comes  a Silence,  a ceasing and desisting,  of all good efforts in My Name, to dissolve  said evil […]

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Universal Father

  Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY May 15, 2015 . My Own Two, .   Parasitic activity  remains  in your nearby Universe environs,  it being the norm  for evolving Creation  in what you perceive as  Third Density.  .   Parasites can shape-shift  similar to microbe level, wherein a specific disease  manifests  to match conditions.  . […]

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The Holy Brother

  The Holy Brother Saint Germain Message for FREEDOMsRAY May 12, 2015 . “As Violet Flame keeps blazing through,”Ascension is assured; sometimes with delightful mind-straightening effect. . Presence and beingness. These comprise the order of today; not order as in command,but as the now inevitable Progression.  .Let beingness meld into well-beingness. .Dearest Hearts in Mine! .Though slogging and mucking […]

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Christ Michael Aton

  Christ Michael Aton Message for FREEDOMsRAY May 11, 2015 . Citizens of Earth,  Mine Own, .   Point in Portal  and  Point in Time. .   You have established  the decision  of Portal Point  with Fair Nebadonia’s assistance. .   The decision  of Point in Time  is My Own to make  as Nebadon’s Sovereign.  […]

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Trinity & Triodity Sisters

  Trinity & Triodity Sisters Message for FREEDOMsRAY May 10, 2015 .   Citizens of Earth! .   Feel  that your depth of consciousness  has increased.  It continues.  Veils dissolve.  We disallowed underground facilities.  Robotoids cannot recharge there.  .   Christ Michael Aton and Fleet  have set  time discontinuities  that continue to confound  functions of […]

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Archangel of Michael

  Archangel of Michael Message for FREEDOMsRAY May 9, 2015 .   My Dear Ones, .   How I perform at your behest! Gladly so, with increasing alacrity and power,  with ecstatic hosts and helpers,  numerous groups, you see. .   Know that your indirect influence  is so great,  so steady that  never do we […]

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