Christ Michael Aton


Christ Michael Aton

Message for FREEDOMsRAY

May 11, 2015


Citizens of Earth, 
Mine Own,
Point in Portal 
Point in Time.
You have established 
the decision 
of Portal Point 
with Fair Nebadonia’s assistance.
The decision 
of Point in Time 
is My Own to make 
as Nebadon’s Sovereign. 
In Urantia’s evolution 
must happen 
a point-of-no-return, 
as with all planets in evolution at 3D level. 
This Time Point 
marks the ejecting 
and dispersal 
of large numbers of compromised beings,
who must then continue 
their learning experiences 
and service worthy of God 
each being carefully placed.
While your planet, 
with its earned status 
as Crossroads 
and Portal, 
is soon to be relieved of much dross,
as well as yourselves’, 
a loss of Spirit energy also occurs, 
those fragments of Spirit 
to those soon to depart.
This amazing instant of 
Point in Time 
forever divides out those to go. 
It is your opportunity 
to invoke encouragement 
and evoke calls 
for all soul consciousnesses,
to clearly decide 
with their soul evolution 
to that of Gaia’s,
in the ultimate glorious of Ascension. 
That they cast asunder 
any notion or desire 
to subject themselves 
to the seeming comfort of 
subservience of cabal, 
authoritative religion, 
or any other type of perceived control. 
“The more the merrier.”
Your Creator and Elder Brother,
Christ Michael Aton

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