Trinity & Triodity Sisters


Trinity & Triodity Sisters

Message for FREEDOMsRAY

May 10, 2015


Citizens of Earth!
that your depth of consciousness 
has increased. 
It continues. 
Veils dissolve. 
We disallowed underground facilities. 
Robotoids cannot recharge there. 
Christ Michael Aton and Fleet 
have set 
time discontinuities 
that continue to confound 
functions of cabal controllers. 
Mind shackles 
of many humankind 
are abetted. 
Keep your sense of clarity. 
Tempt not yourselves 
back into easier habitual patterns, 
thus relinquishing your free agency. 
This is internal work. 
Decry and deny false governance. 
Will it so by God.
Tap into higher frequencies: 
violet colors, 
Violet Flame, 
FreedomsRay so high 
it is unseen by the human eye.
Mind-dance your Universe free. 
‘Tis only one per cent who controls;
cleverly high are they, 
in intellect and duplicity, 
but quite inferior beings 
in their voidance of soul.
You reach points 
wherein Hosts can now 
directly help you 
shake your consciousness-shackles 
in every thought and God-desiring deed, 
in every ordinary moment.
These truths help set you into Liberty.
Celebrating Thee, 
are Pioneering Sisters, 
We of Triodities and Trinities

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