Archangel of Michael


Archangel of Michael

Message for FREEDOMsRAY

May 9, 2015


My Dear Ones,
How I perform at your behest!
Gladly so,
with increasing alacrity and power, 
with ecstatic hosts and helpers, 
numerous groups, you see.
Know that your indirect influence 
is so great, 
so steady that 
never do we tire
or retire out of boredom.
Results achieved are both astonishing 
extraordinarily amazing.
We do not plead for you to continue, for 
We know you do so, 
rendering such a request
Ever seek My protection 
as a natural, simple call.
Keep Me, 
at your forefront,
in tandem with Christ Michael Aton 
and Universal Father, of course; 
and your Dear Sonnyboy.
With choreographic concert of Our own,
I AM  
Your Michael!

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