Trinity & Triodity Sisters


Trinity & Triodity Sisters

Message for FREEDOMsRAY

May 8, 2015


Warriors of Light,
Of Motherhood are We, 
Sisters of Triodities and Trinities, 
sowing, weaving and planting 
of Truth and Liberty 
for magnified substrate 
in supporting 
magnified minds.
We want to say to thee,
“Cast off 
insignificant gestures 
directed at you 
by ‘robotoid’ whistleblowers 
and their controlling 
like-minded trolls 
who falsely beat 
tin drums 
in vain 
recapturing effort 
of grotesque controlling grids.” 
We want to say
that human networking tools
are fast upon thee. 
We want to say to thee,
“Reclaim your local governance 
by insisting 
that all illegal stigmas 
be removed 
from the God-given, 
self evident, 
morally normal, 
lawfully Right, local governance; 
to reinstate local script and currency.”
We also want to say to thee,
that the aforementioned
grotesque controlling grids 
have become riddled-holey; 
are dissolving, 
through the pouring, drenching 
Holy rain of the Spirit of Truth, 
itself so much more easily caught 
by thee 
who merely exercise desire.”
An so,
we actually have said these things to thee; 
albeit a little indirectly,
since technically,
such encouragements
are a little outside
our jurisdiction of 
We continue what We do best. 
Technically, again,
it is more than the 
Dance of patterning 
the Mind of God 
into New Gaia’s Song:
It is a most unprecedented 
of a most unprecedented


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