The Holy Brother


The Holy Brother

Saint Germain Message for FREEDOMsRAY

May 6, 2015



Light Warriors of Earth!
This earth, 
Your Gaia,
Your place of refuge (yes),
Your Violet Flame planet 
with FreedomsRay shining 
through all 100 octaves 
of Seen and Unseen Light,
Your legacy to Nebadon 
by Helping your planet 
to establish her longtime dream of 
Crossroads Beingness,
a Haven of comfortable 
rest and rejuvenation 
for diverse Universe trekkers,
including Sonnyboys; 
and Girls, of course.
Oh My Light Warriors!
How I celebrate thee 
for thy enactment 
of your various anchoring roles of Truth, 
and practice of rightness, 
“This night to Gaia a new Song was born.
A Song of Joy and of Man’s dignity.”
Threefold Salu for your Threefold Flames,
I AM Sanctus Germanus,
Your Holy Brother

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