Universal Father


Universal Father

Message for FREEDOMsRAY

May 23, 2015


Mine Own, All Mine Own,
There comes a time 
when Silence 
pervades twisted grid constructs, 
perditious machinations 
and institutes of wickedness 
unsightly to Mine Eyes. 
Thereby comes 
a Silence, 
a ceasing and desisting, 
of all good efforts in My Name,
to dissolve 
said evil moments 
and movements;
Silence from My Michael Son, 
Hosts and Light Warriors.
More needs not be done 
for dissolution of cabal individuals themselves. 
They are in states of 
self-inflicted implosion.
More needs not be done 
for ones with vestige-souls. 
Their destinies for more suitable places 
are cast and sealed.
Within this Silence 
churns My Unseen Light, 
the infinitude 
of unformed potential.
Thereto shall fall 
the cabal-manufactured mass of energies; 
for no longer can 
these ill-patterned creations 
exist in Gaia and her environs.
Born anew from Silence,
Patterns of Purity now prevail.
Patterns of Spirit are recognized, 
and used by warriors of Liberty.
Patterns of Mind 
saturate souls with serenity.
Patterns in local space 
predominately enable 
constructs of goodness.
I speak 
in the turning point Silence 
of My Michael Son.
Universal Father

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