Feels like the old spider web dismantled!


Feels Like The Old Spider Web Dismantled!


Feels like the old spider web dismantled!

Dissolved feels spider web and burned to ash!

We stand in Light! Volcanoes blow erupting!

Huge earthquakes push the magma hot to crash!


It feels like Sun has multiplied His forces,

so grids of hypnotism now melt away!

The central core of Mother Earth is spewing

all dark and darkness out on its way.


You feel it? Brother, hypnotized and tortured,

with horrid mind control against your will!

You feel how Gaia spits and shakes the mountains,

uniting Suns and fires, in God’s Will?


You feel how skies are getting clear, brother,

so we return to Universal sparks?

When our Lion roars and smashes darkness,

and all its monsters, vipers, snakes and sharks?


Stand tall, our Lion! Our cherished brother!

Stand tall, we hold your hands and stand your back!

For never ever will imprison darkness

the Son of God on Earth, this holy speck!


Take heart! Our Lion climbed, full force, in center

of monsters den of vipers, snakes and sharks!

His lightning blaze has melt away the darkness,

with our millions ‘nited blazing sparks!


So, feel the old spider web dismantled!

So, smash old poisoned spider web to ash!

Our darkest magic and hypnotic masters

banned are from Earth, in Sun and man one slash!


Harmonic_Diamond 2

Crystal, by Valiant






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