YES. He Has Done It!



He Has Done It!


It Was His Choice.

His Love-Choice, in The Father.

From all Begin.

He saved us with God’s LOVE!


Alone the Love can save!

He Knew His Father!

God’s LOVE He Knew,

The Only Force above!


He let be crucified!

None of you did it.

You, monster-gods,

in Love of God inept!


You came and stole,

destroyed and raped and murdered!

You monster-gods,

our gold and riches kept.



Kindergarten Light awaiting

your Null and Void souls!

Fill them full!


For Christ has slashed 

your Gordian Knot of darkness!

For ages all!

With LOVE, His only tool!


In Fiery Love 

is Earth now purified.

The Golden Era

He ignites to Be!


From this day on, 

reborn are all God’s Children!

In Love, in Truth, in Light,

We Are All Free!






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