Transmuted to Divine Light


Transmuted to Divine Light Is All Darkness


Transmuted to Divine Light is all darkness.

Divine Magnificence. Can we grasp?


Exploded we from Him, Sons and Daughters,

to save this planet from snake and wasp!


But once to Father was, such betrayal.

But once His worlds disrupted by dark!


But once the fallen, blind, ungodly,

His Cosmic Order gave a black mark!


Can you imagine Father’s reaction?

His Love expressed in us, over worlds?


How many mighty Sons, mighty Daughters,

ignited from His Heart, million chords?


Oh, in no way, can we ever grasp it,

Magnificent the Force we express!


All magnified LOVE of the Father,

to save our brothers, Kin in distress!


Oh, in no way, we even can measure

the Force we all exploded from Him!


Who now magnified all Creation,

and fulfilled has in Father, Love dream!





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