The Gordian Knot


The Gordian Knot


For the Gordian Knot

is too dark a construct.

Not a child of God 

could create!


Against all Divine Law!

Cosmic Order just mocked!

And the Father of Love



From invasion, so wicked,

with the murdering all

of the highest, magnificent



Was a madness construct

and a horrible act

of disgusting and sickening 



Shall I tell you the torments,

shall I count the pains,

over eons of tortured, 

maimed lives?


Oh, you’d better run now!

Disappear, get lost!

For No One Mocks Most High!

and survives!


No one mocks the Most High!

No one mocks Divine Law!

No one kills Father’s children 

and lives!


Gordian Knot is now Hit!

Dissolved down to ash!

Void is darkness and

all dark thieves!






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