Which is this feel, this morn?


Which Is This Feel, This Morn?

Sunday, September 22, 2:22 pm


Which is this feel, this morn, over my heart?

On Earth’s ground I walk, and yet I fly!…

We feel like One, all above and below, 

in magic Freedom, new expanded sky!


Which is this feel, I do not seem to know?

We feel like dancing, Joy is overwhelming!

So many children, children freed on Earth,

all beaming Love, in laughter ring in ringing…


The Point of No Return you all have reached,

a thunder voice is sounding from the Heavens.

The Magic Victory, for all My Kin,

manifests now, for young and old brethrens!


Go! Celebrate your Great Awakening!

For eons Father waits for your return!

Fill all your hearts with Joy, and dance and sing!

Come Home, My children, let your HeartLove burn!





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