No measure can be found


No Measure Can Be Found


No measure can be found

in God’s eternal All

of Cosmos and of Vastness,

and Wonders overall!


We take all this for granted!

On cell-phones stuck our eyes.

Forgot have we, His children,

the Marvels of His skies!


Like idiots we’re fighting

against each other, all,

ignoring we all live but

on this one little ball…


We hit us and we kill us,

we stab us front and side!

How stupid, have we given

the monsters earth and tide!


The real King and Sovereign,

one day will come and ask,

how did we keep His Kingdom?

How fulfilled we our Task?


No measure can be found,

no metrics, high and low,

His Love contain, His Mercy,

His Wonders, or His Glow!






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