The One Declaration of our Divine Freedom


The One Declaration Of Our Divine FREEDOM


In this sacred of moments,

immortal times,

we unify our souls

in Heaven’s chime.


In this sacred of moments 

our hearts start sing,

mighty call over Cosmos

we ring and ring…


But once comes in Creation,

the Conscious Shot!

It un-does ever monstrous

all rule and plot!


New, Divine our FREEDOM,

all monsters shocks!

Neither seen, nor imagined

in mental blocks.


The New Era we birth now!

Right Now and Here!

Open eyes and do see it!

We shout clear!


A New Moment in Cosmos,

our Declaration!

Father’s Children are FREE now,

in all Creation!


This is that Shot for FREEDOM

around the World!

And The World Turns divinely

in sound accord!


Awake! FREEDOM is here!

Our sacred FREEDOM!

For all we, sacred Children,

in God’s One Kingdom!




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