You hug me in Your coloured, magic rainbows


You hug me in Your coloured, Magic Rainbows


You hug  me in Your coloured

Magic Rainbows!

How far from Paradise Your LOVE can go!…


My crystals happy bathe

in Your Rays Sunlight,

and HOP! Your Rainbows flow around and glow!


When will we see

Your Wonders and Your Marvels,

in this abundant Beauty, LOVE and Light?


And feel Your Rainbows,

sweet embracing ours,

at Your chest Loving, Father sweetest, tight?


You come in Rays, Light colours

and in Rainbows…

You touch us and caress us with Your LOVE !


Oh, Father, how I wish

to hug You strongly,

embraced in Your Love-Rainbows, like a dove…


Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.31.58 AMHealing Wave X energy.






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