The Ode to The Joy


The Ode to the Joy

August 21, 2019, 21:11


The Ode to the Joy is now filling all Heavens,

living Ode to the Joy mighty ripples all Space;

Vibrant Ode to the Joy is resounding circles,

in all dancing Creation, in all Love and in Grace…


We all crossed the Age threshold, we all jumped the Timeline,

let the flutes and the trumpets in our great Joy align!

But once comes our Freedom, all but once break we Free,

to be our own Masters, to be Light, and to Be!


Our Ode to the Joy has now filled all the Heavens!

We are Joy this great Day, we are Life, we are Free!

Celebrations be started, our hearts are exploding,

in the Joy to be Victors, how God meant us all Be!






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