Universal Father 25


Universal Father 25

May 12, 2019

Universal Father Message, November 12, 2014

My Precious Agondonters,

Be prepared
to seriously reveal yourselves
and serve 
in the Spirit of Truth.

recognizing the 
Guidance from within,
overseen by Christ Michael and Nebadonia.
Time is nigh. 
(i.e. overdue)

See stillness before you
as hushed Hosts 
gather in Holy Communion
before leashing 
the fiery staging
of imminent events.

Watch the Mississippi.

Watch the worm holes of Southern Europe. 
It is to the equator’s north
that calamity is unleashed

to release
the choking thralls of Mother Earth,
whose northern-severed Ley Lines
separate her heart 
from balancing her creations.

Grasp your mantles, 
each and every one.

Cloak them 
with the brilliant transparency 
of the Spirit of Truth,

that they break forth
in shining splendor
for ones to witness
your associated fervors
in expressing and serving

God’s given Liberty

from deep bondage
suffered for eons.

Universal Father

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