Universal Father 26


Universal Father 26

May 12, 2019

Universal Father Message, November 13, 2014

Mine Precious Own,

I AM with Thunderous Voice, ye Ones of Mine. 
Get the point.

See [make] rotting flesh
fall from false skeletons in Ukraine,

robotoid skeletons not of My Desirings.

Sweep your sights
in focused splendor
to melt the morass of grotesque, 
unnatural tunnels,
into powerful, 
gentle natural Earth formations
in filigreed magnificence. 

Sing praises 
to ones of fierce determination in Ukraine,
to throw off
shackles of bondage 
from underground robotoid hordes,
so that they can experience 
and live in free agency. 

It is I Who shout

Stand Strong! Stand Strong! Stand Strong!
Yes, friend.

Anchor these 
My words of intent 
firmly and clearly.
Anchor them deeply. 
Anchor them well!

Yes, even so, “You Shall Not Pass!”

Judge not in this endeavor,
and use My Mantle
to embrace the true peoples 
of this region,
so that the Spirit of Truth 
may quickly pierce 
their souls.

Universal Father

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