Universal Father 24


Universal Father 24

May 12, 2019

Message started by Infinite Mother Spirit, Nebadonia


November 11, 2014, Mother Nebadonia

My “Dear Friend”, 

greeting back to you and Yours. 
Know that what you write 
has strong, 
imminent possibility 
(tunnels in Europe 
and New Madrid EarthQuakes)
Time is nigh.

— What does that mean?

It means past due.
The geographical placement 
between you and M 
are due to the two 
closely time-related hot zones.

K does not understand these happenings 
but rest assured he does “know”… 

Universal Father Message, November 11, 2014

K does not understand these happenings.
He does not know 
how to be proactive in the literal sense. 
His body is wasted. 
His mortal mind is wasted.

It is K that M receives as “stuck” message.

— Should I broadcast immediate Sanjeevini healing?


— Would this bring timely good results?

not to be used by you two 
at this point toward this end, 
except as modest natural flow as such may arise.

K is in safe hands.

Universal Father

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