Universal Father 23

Universal Father 23

May 12, 2019

Universal Father Message, October 27, 2014

​Spirit of Truth

Concerning the soulless 
of Earth/Gaia 
that I permitted for eons,

through ages of coercion and repression,
that now leads 
to magnificent Light victory,
almost beyond 
heretofore known 
achievements and strengths… 

There are no effective, 
ultimate weapons 
to rid Gaia of raping hordes.

Nor can even spiritual weapons 
mitigate the condition
or even arrest regional conflicts 
for more than a very short period,
which indeed 
even leads to more exacerbation,

amplifying the hordes’ thirst
for negative energies 
they so need 
to maintain their existence.

The total removal of soulless ones
and the raging, 
base havoc that they render and inspire

is found only
in the avid exercising of the Spirit of Truth,
the Spirit of Truth 
that you, 
Mine fervent, faithful group,
have shown to be effective 
in recent global events.


My Divine Order.

The Spirit of Truth is recognized enough
that you can dissociate 
terrible energies 
from Mine own,
that are ensnared 
in the controlling cesspools 
of non-human agents. 


those energies
to My Circuits of Creation,
My precious ones 
who serve My Creator Son and His Consort,
the Infinite Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.

Universal Father

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