Universal Father 21


Universal Father 21

May 11, 2019

Universal Father Message, October 18, 2014

You have struck critical mass 
with one another, 
with a nudge from Above, subsequently added.

M is the one who is placed in danger, 
a result. 
It is My Desire that M’s well-being and safety 
be above those around her, 
that Mine Hosts can use 
your combined resonance 
to full advantage.

(My friend, upon careful review: 
our relationship hath no precedence for me 
in this current mortal setting.)

The scale has finally tipped, 
and yes, 
My dear ones, 
it is because of you. 
There were/are 
several anchoring options on Gaia 
for tipping the scales; 
it has happened with the two of you.

severe chaos in the Ukraine region. 
continual promptings from Source 
to hold one another in balance 
for safety and well-being, 
and especially M for now. 
S is correct in sending some small things, 
carefully selected.

With M near the hot zone 
and S in the geographic center 
of the primary perpetrating state, 
some things might be smoothed over. 
Simply continue 
that which you already do. 
well-being intent for the down-trodden 
and dissociation for any perceived evil. 

fear not your interchange of love. 
I promise 
you shall hold Love 
in balanced perfection.

The celebration and appreciation 
from outer reaches 

Universal Father

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