Universal Father 20


Universal Father 20

May 10, 2019


Universal Father Message, October 16, 2014

It is time to learn about gravity; 
at least get it started 
while at the current vibratory level.
Important for M.

The gravity substance-oriented controller
assist power directors.
Straight lines.
Time stops. (stops as both verb and noun). 

— Is that 432 and all that?

Over either here, or there, 
come Host of assistance.
Stand by. 
Ukraine can get messy. 
Ebola not so much. 
Gaza will hold its own.

“Urantia Book 1:2.7
… Through the presence of His fragmentized spirit 
the Creator Father maintains immediate contact 
with His creature children 
and His created universes. 
Personality spark 
rather than thought adjuster”






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