The 9 Completion


The 9 Completion

May 11, 2019, 11:11 / 12:22


O, Mother and Father of Nebadon,

please accept our FREEDOMsRAY offerings

in the name of DIVINE SOURCE.


We, The People of God

of all of Gaia and all of Nebadon,

through the Will of Christ Michael Aton

& Nebadonia,

our Sovereigns,

and the mighty Intent

of All Hosts of God from Above and Below

in Complete Oneness,

We All United as One

in One Mighty Unit of Consciousness,

take Our Father’s hands

and eject

Gaia and all Nebadon

into our

Divine FREEDOM Dimensions.


It Is Done


This memorable May 11, 2019,

11:11 Gaia Time,

across all Times and all Realities!

For the most Unprecedented


of all Creation,

according to Our Almighty Father’s Will

and His Divine Plan for Salvation,









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