Universal Father 18


Universal Father 18

May 8, 2019


Universal Father Message, October 7, 2014

You are of a breed unknown on this planet. 

Your mission 
is for uplifting the globe
in all its intended glory, 

After 3DD / 3 Days of Darkness
will there be a long session 
of eternal/ internal/ external
among those of strong ego orientation, 

which must be attended 
and exposed 
for what they represent 
and who they are. 
Yes, still, yet. 

You are the ones for the exposee. 
Your own exposure is one of danger
and possible sacrifice. 
Know now, accept. 

– I accept but I am not convinced.

Measure your effectiveness by the influence you now wield.

– Yeah, that’s pretty small, actually.

Entertain thoughts of grandeur 
among groups now forming for influential activity. 

Set up web site. 

In the affairs of men,
seek not avenues of employment, 
but stand adrift of returned babble. 

Hand off to others the details of knowings. 

Circumscribe the whole, instead. 
Nice pencils. 

Appreciation for you, My dear ones.

– Let me know more in this current state of consciousness.

Come with Me to sojourn in high places every night. 

– Of course! Have we not?

Yes. Continue.
Unspoken consent – always be with You! 

– What is the task?

Thought you’d never ask. 
Walk among the unfriendlies.

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