Universal Father 19


Universal Father 19

May 8, 2019


Universal Father Message, October 14, 2014

What you both describe is true,

dear ones.
It is time 
to be known 
by some ones who would assist you

— yes, assist you —

in near opening events. 
Stand strong.
Revelation is upon you soon, 
despite the seeming normal flow of life.

Stay with Us and your thoughts.
Care not for passing time and things undone.

Affirm Our presence.

See now the wondrous ages 
come to a head — fruition — close.


You are each others’ companions, 
as you have so chosen.

Your love for one another is beyond mortal ken.
So fear not the warp of flesh.
Write this to M.

Your respective acts of courage
need not be known to your conscious selves

for them to still 
be happening.

See the coordinated flow between yourselves.
High interchange

with gentle inter-awareness 
and inter-acceptance,

yet with outward firmness.

We applaud your inter-created 
team of Victory.

Creation at its best.


Vesica Piscis ~ This sacred symbol, sometimes known as mandorora, is almond shaped. It depicts divinity, holiness, the sacred, virginity, and the vulva. J.C. Cooper in "An illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols," informs us that it also denotes an opening or gateway and the two sides represent the opposite poles and all duality. The mandorla, representing the boundary of the Vesica Piscis, is also used to portray a flame signifying the Spirit or a manifestation of the spiritual or…





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