Universal Father 17

Universal Father 17

May 8, 2019


Universal Father Message, October 6, 2014
Isn’t LIFE beautiful? 
Saw many beautiful winged creatures outside, 
big, small and tiny. 
Amazed how some wait on the roof, 
until I come to greet them. 
I laugh like crazy with JOY, to be sure. 
And I sent loads and loads of 
and Joy 
in the highest Spheres of all the Universe. 
Oh, what a flight!
The “Great Blessings for me and mine ones” 
from Universal Father 
were melting me to tears…Thank you…
Felt like 
I never, ever got such gorgeously precious gift! 
I felt it all through my Heart 
and was melting…
My hope blossomed again —
I was made whole. 
THAT Joy and Gratitude 
I was sending 
UP there,
on all the tiny wings…
Isn’t LIFE beautiful?



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