Universal Father 11


Universal Father 11

May 6th, 2019

Universal Father Message, August 10, 2014

Hermes alignment, 
merchants of faith. 
Traders ye be. 

Alchemists’ flame 
unwanted dross crucible -– 
teach soothing of resistance; 

select among contrasts. 

Deflect conflict within selves.

Utilize the crucible of Violet Flame. 
dark crystallized dross 
form your very cells 
of physical being.

Make flow 
the Violet, Pink and Golden flames 

throughout the encasing membranes 
from your beautiful anatomic selves 

that connect 
to the very ground substance matrix 

which in turn penetrates down 
through the cytoplasm of each cell; 

each and every cell 
that willingly gives up 
dark crystallization
upon mind-command, 
leading ever to higher 
vibrational beingness. 

Let this beingness 
of filigreed Light 
and sooth.


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